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STARE ME DOWN by Riley Murphy is an EPIC Ariana finalist!

Estrella - Stare Me Down

Stare Me Down by Riley Murphy


Romance Readers, What Catches Your Eye?

Cover art seems to be just as subjective as the stories that are inside. But I’m still curious to see what readers think.

Choose as many options as you like and feel free to comment and rank what’s most important…

Thanks for your feedback!

Cover Art by Viola Estrella

Welcome! I’m Viola Estrella. Like you, I’m an author, so I know how important it is to have a cover you can be proud of. My ultimate goal is to provide eye-catching, genre-appropriate cover art. Working together, I know we’ll come up with something magnificent.

Please feel free to browse my portfolio and premade cover art designs. If you like what you see, contact me! For custom covers, I’ll send you a cover art form that will provide me with all the important details of your story, while also giving me some inspiration to create a cover you’ll love. For premade covers, the design is complete, though I’m flexible in changing the font color and style to match your needs.

As you’ll see in the cover art I’ve created, I specialize in romance and women’s fiction covers, any sub-genre, from sweet to erotic story lines. So when you’re filling out your cover art form, don’t be shy in telling me what you like.

I look forward to working on your cover!


Featured Cover Art: